Demographic trends in the Lodz region and their implications for seniors 50+

Jolanta Woźnica, Andrzej Tokarski


The situation on the labor market in the Lodz region will change much in the short term , among other things as a result of unfavorable demographic trends, associated with a decrease in population, and also due to a lowering of labor resources.

Decreasing labor resources may in the future adversely affect both the balance between the regional labor market by inducing a state of labor shortages and limit the opportunities for development of the region.

Simultaneously, due to declining birth rates, prolongation of human life and emigration, especially young people, are progressing aging of the population, including labor resources. It is already a serious problem is the high proportion of economically inactive older people , and also low rates of labor force participation and employment. Shaped so the situation there is a need to take action at the regional level, aimed at creating conditions for continuation of work for persons having a retirement age through measures to improve the functioning of the working environment of older people.


demography, the elderly, the Łódź Province


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