Flash mob as a tool of marketing. The use of a crowd psychology in promotion of institutions and products of culture

Magdelena Józefa Cyrklaff


Flash mobinits original formmeantspontaneous event, initiated in a public space byan unknown groupof people. Ithadentertainingand absurdcharacter and about the time of its commencement completely random people were reported usually through e-mails or text messages. Over time, this particular form of happening evolved and can now be used as an educational tool for sensitizing activation of some important social issues, as well as a marketing tool used in advertising and branding. This article is devoted to the characteristic of flash mobs as a tools of promotion of the institutions, services and cultural products. At the beginning in the article were described the evolution and structure of flash mobs and then were given examples of flash mobs in marketing activities in the field of art and culture. At the end of the article were presented guidelines related to the use of flash mobsin a business field.


Flash mob, crowd psychology, marketing tool, ambient marketing, promotion of culture, culture marketing, advertisement, public relations, branding


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