The role of internal communication in the company management

Barbara Bielicka


Importance of communication in company management constantly increases. Internal communication in organization has a special meaning. The effectiveness of internal communication depends on factors such as:

  • the interpersonal communication between participants, especially on the line: superior - subordinate

  • psychological factors of participants

  • situational factors: organizational structure, organizational culture.

The author of the lecture analyses the issue of internal communication in terms of participants' attitudes and behaviors of communication: manager
- a subordinate employee. Presents the roles that should perform as a manager/leader and effects on the communication situation, when the role is not carried out, attitudes and involvement of employees and the effects for the organization raising from the adoption of an attitude. For internal communication managers and supervisors are responsible. Depending on the type of organizational structure and strategic portfolio there are the possibility to choose an appropriate communication strategy. The communication strategy should be integrated with corporate strategy, which is responsible for coordination and decision making in all areas of activity of the enterprise communication /marketing and public relations/whereas the objective of the reputation of the company. The foundation for effective corporate communication strategy in the area of internal communication with the role compatible with the structure and the identity of the organization. There are four levels to perform this role:

  1. to create consistency in the organization;

  2. to establish coordination;

  3. to agree responsibility;

  4. to chapter roles and responsibilities.

Search for a strategy to add more value to the company through consistency, coordination and increase of responsibility seems to be the most appropriate way of action in the area of internal communication.


internal communication, corporate communication, business strategy, communications strategy


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