Core And Comprehensive Railway Networks As An Element Of Eu And National Logistics System

Mirosław Chaberek, Wiesław Jarosiewicz


Both the level of organisation of the very logistics processes and logistics system within which a given logistic process is implemented define the quality of economic processes logistics service. Transport processes are sub-processes of almost every logistics process, and transport system is a sub-system of logistics system. Thus, one of the key requirements of logistics services is their integration and interoperability. The interoperability of channels and, more broadly, logistics systems is based on providing such unified operational and technical parameters that enable free flow of resources without any restrictions and stoppages in different locations, especially in contact points of logistics systems of particular countries.

The aim of this paper is to analyse and present the programme of EU activities in the scope of development and modernisation of European railway logistics channels. This paper defines the core and comprehensive network of logistics channels in Europe, discusses priorities for their development and defines required activities, especially with regard to railway logistics channels comprising core and comprehensive network of logistics channels in Europe. The added value of this paper is the list of strategic activities of the EU in terms of transport as seen through methodology and the language of logistics.


Logistics, logistic system, logistics channel, development of the railway network

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