A great small traffic on the Polish-Russian border

Mariola Łuczak, Urszula Kęprowska


On 27 July 2012, entered into force an agreement between the Poland and Russia on small border traffic regime (MRG). Result of this agreement allows the inhabitants of border areas for multiple visa-free border crossing. Since the introduction of the MRG gains month after month more popularity. Motives of the trips of the residents of both areas are completely different, but the two nations become closer to each other, and build economic and social ties.

The primary objective of this article is to determine the importance of small border traffic regime and its positive and negative effects. The article describes the future of the MRG and its importance to the economy of border zone Voivodeships and Kaliningrad Region of the Russian Federation. in the article were used descriptive method, and it presents the available statistics on traffic on the Polish-Russian border and secondary surveys of the MRG.


small border traffic regime, economic development, Polish-Russian border


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