Trust in global brand

Tomasz Dryl


Trust is a component of any market transaction. Is the basis for the success of the marketing strategies of many products, and its absence may be
a cause of market failure. A particularly important area is consumer trust in the brand, both the product itself and the company that produces it.

The Polish market of consumer products, is becoming more global. In this aspect, the paper presents the issues of trust in global brands, presenting an overview of Polish and foreign literature in the field of trust, the theory of brand management and trust in the brand of product. The aim of the article was to present the current state of knowledge about trust in global brands, as well as present the results of empirical research in this field.

In this article the author refers to the model of trust in the brand of covering the characteristics of the brand, enterprise characteristics and the characteristics of the consumer. Presented in this article the results of the study are only part of a broader, nationwide research on trust in the brand  currently operated by the author.


trust, brand, global brand, trust in brand


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