Crowdsourcing – generating and managing innovation in the world of wikinomics

Małgorzata Kowalska


Today, more and more often, business communities make use of collective intelligence of Internet users. Many neologisms have been created to describe the long-lasting cooperation between business companies and social networks. One of them is the term crowdsourcing. Some of the economic sector representatives see it as a forward-looking concept of management, while others consider it a tool for supporting the traditional management. Many examples of crowdsourcing solutions existing on the Internet show that many companies, to a greater or lesser extent, take advantage of this form of economic relations with customers. Some of them have even made them the basis for their business. The article explains the idea of crowdsourcing, presents its typology and shows a number of Polish initiatives in this area.


crowdsourcing, Internet, Web 2.0, wikinomics


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