Economic and environmental significance of the Rail Baltica in the logistic systems of Poland and of the European Union

Mirosław Chaberek, Bogusław Kowalski, Jakub Doński-Lesiuk


The occurrence of globalization has a significant impact on the development of international trade. Traded goods are not only ready articles but now also intermediates. This increases the demand for transport and logistic services to a degree far exceeding the rate of economic growth.

The level of logistic services is directly influenced by the quality of transport infrastructure, i.e. its condition and mutual infrastructure availability of various transport modes. But, in order to achieve the full efficiency, investment in modern infrastructure should be synchronized with the appropriate regulatory policy on the part of state authorities. The purpose of this article is to indicate the dependence as exemplified by the reconstruction of the Rail Baltica transport corridor.


logistics, transport, the Rail Baltica, sustainable development


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