Theoretical and methodological backgrounds measurement for the demand of spirituality

Vytautas Pranas Pranulis


Our initial investigation (Pranulis V. P., Demand and supply of spirituality in the context of marketing: cognitive methodological approach. In Zarządzanie w XXI wieku: koncepcje, trendy, problemy. Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa 2009) related to demand and supply of spirituality in the context of marketing. This paper presents the intermediate results of a pilot study examining theoretical and methodological backgrounds measurement demand of spirituality. The conception and meaning of the terms “need” and ”demand” of spirituality, and criteria against which spirituality can be measured are defined. The proposed matrix measurement of demand of spirituality is based on behaviour, internal values, and emotional satisfaction criteria relating to three levels of measurement: personal, social, and universe. The matrix is the tool and framework for what set of primary information could be associated with measurement demand of spirituality of a group or an individual. A questionnaire as a practical tool for collecting primary information is prepared.


human behaviour, marketing, spirituality


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