The stress of bank employees

Wojciech Ożarowski


The present article aims at coping with the stress of a bank employee. The investigated group determined 54 workers of different bank agencies: customer consultants and cashiers. A questionnaire of inquiry as well as a CISS questionnaire by Endler and Parker have been used as tools. Advisers cope with stress better than cashiers. Stress bears on their effectiveness. Cashiers feel greater stress due to worse relations with their superiors, high responsibility at work, anxieties concerning excessive duties and routine practices. They use different stress management strategies – there is no prevailing strategy. The employees in both departments try to cope with stress impromptu, without analyzing its reasons, which leads to the rapid deterioration of their psychophysical condition and to the development of professional burn-up symptoms.


bank workers, CISS questionnaire, professional stress, stress mana-gement strategies


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