Managing Competences In Schools

Barbara Beata Wyrzykowska, Joanna Urbańska


The contemporary challenge is to define the competences of headteachers from the point of view of the goal and needs of the school as an organisation. The aim of this article is to present the concept of competence management in schools and an attempt to answer the question: what are the desirable competences of headteachers within the area of educational leadership? The sources of information were: literature of the subject and own research. A diagnostic survey method was used as a testing technique. In the research it was decided to select a targeted sample, which is why the performed studies are idiographic in nature, which means that the conclusions refer only to the studied population. The conclusions are as follows: competence management should be used in schools because it affects not only the human resources policy but also the development of the institution. Headteachers and teachers have pointed to the many traits and behaviours that an educational leader should have. The mentioned competences of educational leadership included: consistency, creativity, competence, communication skills, cooperative attitudes, openness to change and the needs of others, flexibility in action and planning.


competences, competence management, educational leadership, school

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