Cultural Context In Process Of Mining Data From Social Media – Recommendations Based On Literature Review

Joanna Michalak, Patrycja Gulak-Lipka


Social media is nothing else than a modern communication channel that carry a lot of advantages, such as their reach or range. Social media has such a big power of its reach that a single post, tweet, or "broad" start to matter globally. With globalization, we have seen an increase in usage of social media everywhere. This means that communication is being conducted across the borders or different countries, continents or even cultures. It is an desirable effect, however the social media user across the world differs in respect to their culture and data shows that significant differences exist in a way people in the world social media. However, in order to be well prepared to dig in social media, the question should be post whether the cultural context affects the activity of users. If so, it is appropriate to prepare data filters to include some specific criteria. In first part authors apply the Cross - Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM) in social media data to specify the process of data analysis. Second part focuses on recommendations about cultural context in mining social media.


social media, Twitter, CRISP-DM, cultural context, Web 2.0.

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